Saturday, February 14, 2009


February 13, 2009

I’m languishing in bed due to a super-hardcore cold, and Xpint is lying in utter contentment beside me. He’s accomplished a lot today: torturing a defenseless and miniature gecko to death. I watched the endeavor out of boredom and feel guilty for having not risen out of bed to save the poor creature. My defense: I’m sick. Plus I’m trying not to discourage Xpint from killing things that find their way into my house.

Yesterday morning I awoke to find something had helped itself to my bread overnight. Not the cheap pan frances from Doña Shely at Cabripan either, the expensive pan integral from Hiper (or should I say Wal-Mart?). Sure, it was only Q16 (roughly a little more than $2), but in my world, Q16 = $16, so I detested having to throw the loaf out. What a waste of money! It’s unlikely that I will be able to buy another loaf for at least a week and a half, unless I make a day trip to Xela, which I am not keen on. I made a day trip to Chimalt this week and a full 12 hours of bus riding in one day is enough to keep me off of the buses for a month.

Needless to say, I think somehow, despite having a cat, I have a mouse. Xpint is obviously not fulfilling his duties, which is irritating. The cat has no balls, which I suppose is my fault for having them cut off, but letting a mouse run rampant in his own house? Not to mention backing down today when a neighboring cat wandered into the kitchen and started helping himself to Xpint’s food. All it took was a menacing hiss from something half his size and Xpint slinked off into the living room. No wonder his food disappears at such an alarming rate. Xpint doesn’t have a posse (or a tapeworm), he’s just whipped.

Clearly from the amount of small dead animals he brings home, we have the offense down. Defense is something we’re going to need to work on.

On a side note, Xpint became an uncle this week. His sister Mesha, owned by my “neighboring” PC friends the Kohls, surprised Laura and Justin this week by pumping out 5 new baby kittens!


kgriffin said...

The Semillas & Cereales Europa bread? That's the kind I eat too. It's the best. And, yes, you definitely have the right to be angry:)

Isa Ixpata said...

Hola! It was so nice to find your blog and read al about your adventures. I'm currently living in Chicago with my wife a RPCV. and that's the reason I found your blog. I wanted to remember those days when I met her. And by reading your blog and looking at the pictures I felt awesome. Thank you very much for helping my people in Guatemala. Enjoy every moment because you will miss these days.


Isa Ixpata.