Sunday, March 30, 2008

World Map Mural


Work has begun on Loma Grande’s world map mural. Each of the kids from fourth, fifth and sixth grade were asked to pose for the mural doing different activities and will be painted in, to give them ownership in the project. We have almost finished sketching the world, and Andrea (Art Corps) and I started painting on borders today so that the kids can fill in the countries and characters with colors. The mural will display the phrase “Mejora nuestro mundo. ¡Tú puedes hacerlo!” (Make our world a better place. You can do it!) to encourage the children to work to improve the world and to foment the idea that they can initiate change. Thank you so much to those who are contributing to my fund with Friends of Guatemala and making this project possible!

Friends of Guatemala (FOG) is a voluntary organization whose members include Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) in the U.S. This is a tax-exempt non-profit organization (501c3 status); donations can be tax-deductible. The FOG Scholarship Program (Category I) funds scholarships for children in Guatemala who need assistance and are nominated by current Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs). FOG also provides an extra resource (Category II) that current volunteers can request to benefit projects in their community.

FOG Scholarship Program funds are comprised of donations from families and friends of PCVs and RPCVs.

For those who would like to make a donation and help fund my projects:

DONATIONS should be sent directly to FOG in Washington, D.C:

Friends of Guatemala
P.O. Box 33018
Washington, D.C. 20033

Donors should include the following information on the memo line of the check:
“PCV Sara Knechtel – Cat. II”

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copper said...

i was looking for info on tikal, and stumbled on your blog. in reference to the 'world map mural', you are giving these kids an erroneous idea of geography. two examples: you have completely forgotten Bolivia and you have drawn morrocco and the western sahara as one country (no country apart from morroco recognizes this). anyway it'd be great to know if this can be fixed somehow