Wednesday, July 15, 2009


July 15, 2009

Today I left Cabrican for the last time. The past two weeks have been a mess of going away parties and Peace Corps events. One of our fellow trainees got married, several people from our training group have already left the country, and now the few of us who remain, and are not extending, are counting down the hours until we are officially freed from our Peace Corps Service this Saturday. It was sad leaving Cabrican, but I am ready to move on to new things. Luckily, I am being replaced by two new youth development volunteers who will be continuing on with the library and the basicos in town.

Sometime next week I will be attempting to enter into Honduras and meet up with some friends from the States who are flying into San Pedro Sula on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed that the borders stay open!

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Ixpata said...

Hi, Do you happen to know if the new volunteers have a blog? We would like to know about to progress of the Library and the town.
Welcome back to the US!