Saturday, June 20, 2009

La Primera Dama

June 20, 2009

The first lady of Guatemala came to Cabrican yesterday to drop off an ambulance for our town. She flew in on a helicopter was shuttled into the center of town and gave a speech and then was shuttled right back out as quickly as she came.

The Municipality provided a lunch for her, which was to be held in the library, so it was blocked off and searched for bombs etc. For some reason (I guess I look sketchy), one of her body guards wasn't going to let me in, even though I worked there and the staff had told them I would be coming (or rather, a gringa would be showing up). All the security turned out to be a bit unwarranted though, because a medical doctor showed up, supervised the packing of her food and took it to go. In the end, she never actually came into the library.

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kgriffin said...

You do look sketchy, very sketchy.

Looks like they have upped their security (wonder why). When Colom & Sandra came to Tactic there were no bomb sniffing dogs or really any extravagant security measures for that matter. I was just feet away from both of them. Apparently I don't look sketchy:)