Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rapid Reduction

November 11, 2008

Our forces are rapidly decreasing.

Andrea (Art Corps) finished up her service this October, and returned to Ecuador to spend some time with her family.

Our semi-site mate in the town over resigned last week.

Katy and Joe are moving sites, to a town on the south side of Xela, due to lack of work here.

… and then there were just two. It’s quite a drastic reduction. Granted, we were overloaded before. There was never any need to have four Peace Corps volunteers in one site. If you count the JICA volunteer (Japanese equivalent to Peace Corps) we had as many as 7 foreign volunteers. Nevertheless, you get used to having people around.

I am happy for Katy and Joe, because it seems their new town is very invested in working with them and the development of their program. This will be a step up since the interest was so low here. It will make them happier, busier and their service more rewarding. I am sad that they are leaving, because they have become such great friends of mine, but they never should have been placed here in the first place.

It seems that I will have to get used to entertaining myself at night again, but this is not the end of the world. If nothing else, it gives me lots of time to study for the GRE, and ponder my future.

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