Tuesday, February 12, 2008

San Miguel Visit


Last Monday I finally made it back to San Miguel, the site of my first host family. I had not been back since the end of July for Pablo’s birthday party, and I was a little afraid the family would think that I had abandoned them. I had little reason to worry as they greeted me with open arms and their usual full array of teasing.

Much has changed since I was last there. The twins, Fabio and Shirley, are walking and almost talking. Pablo is no longer a shy two year old but a talkative and rebellious three year old. The family has put on an addition to their house, and now has three rooms instead of two. San Miguel is receiving volunteers again, probably due to the road being paved and buses running regularly from San Miguel to Magdalena. Luvia and Chepe’s new volunteer is in the environmental program and they claim, slightly spacey.

Most notably, however, Luvia is pregnant again. The baby is due in March and will be her fourth child. It is difficult for me to imagine being 22 and having four children, all under the age of four. This last one unfortunately is unplanned, but they are nonetheless excited about the new addition to the family, although they swear that it will be the last.

It was so nice to be able to see the family again, especially Shirley, my favorite. Her constant smile makes it impossible for you not to love her. I’m hoping to return in March or April to meet the newest addition.

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