Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am the proud parent of a new kitten! Xpint (pronounced Shpínt) is quite the devil child, not to mention an expensive addition to my Peace Corps budget. He enjoys climbing up my pant legs while simultaneously clawing my leg, dumping over the trash bin, chewing on electrical wires and my books, sitting on my face while I’m trying to sleep, and chasing all manner of things around the house. This is not to say Xpint does not have his benefits. He keeps me warm at night, he’s entertaining when he is not getting in to trouble, and, just yesterday, he killed his very first spider! I was getting used to killing my own bugs by letting them starve under mugs, but I am ecstatic that I won’t have to do that anymore.

Xpint in Mam, means manchas or pintado in Spanish, and stained or painted in English. I was toying with calling him Chewbaca because he makes the Chewbaca noise when he gets excited, but I decided since he is a Guatemalan cat he needs a Guatemalan name. Because I’m obsessed with my new baby, I’ve posted pictures of the adorable little devil below.

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