Friday, October 12, 2007

Rainy Season

I kind of perpetually feel like I am at a wharf. Not that there is any standing water for miles around unless you count puddles. But buses in Cabrican remind me of ships leaving in the night. They blast their horns all the way through town until they reach the dirt (or mud) road and head out to civilization. Relative civilization. That, and the rain is endless. Rain reminds me of wharfs for some reason. Lately it’s been starting earlier and earlier. When I first arrived it might not rain until one or two in the afternoon. Today it started at 11. This really messed with my laundry process. Since I’m leaving for the weekend and my clothes still aren’t dry, I can already sense the blast of mildew scented air upon my return. My apartment is already growing mold due to a leak. Mold, which I’m told is what has been causing my eyes to swell shut at night. I’m counting down the days until dry season, or “summer” as they call it here, ignoring the fact that it is actually winter and colder. Brian tells me I shouldn’t. The rain will only be replaced with dust, everything will turn brown, and then I’ll really get a sense of the massive deforestation plaguing Cabrican. And instead of my clothes smelling like mildew, they’ll just never get clean. However, since I have yet to experience the “summer,” I think that I will continue to look forward to it. What could possibly be bad about six months of sun?

... more pictures to come eventually.

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